Clwb Brecwast/Breakfast Club

Mae Clwb Brecwast ar gael yn yr ysgol o ddydd Llun i ddydd Gwener  Mae croeso i oll blant yr ysgol, yn cynnwys dosbarth Meithrin, i gael brecwast iach cyn dechrau’r ysgol.

O 4/3/19 amseroedd newydd y clwb ym Mro Alun. Bydd yna gloc digidol ‘radio controlled’ wrth y drws a dyma’r cloc fydd yn cael ei ddefnyddio benderfynu ar yr amser pan mae’r elfen am ddim yn cychwyn.

Clwb yn agor: 8:00am
Cyfnod talu £1: 8:00am – 8:20am
Cyfnod am ddim: 8:20am – 8:40am
Gorffen gweini brecwast a’r clwb yn cau: 8:40am

Nodwch os gwelwch yn dda os ydech yn talu ar-lein, fod rhaid gwneud y taliad erbyn bob prynhawn dydd Iau ar gyfer yr wythnos ddilynol.

Gall taliadau arian parod gael eu gwneud ar y diwrnod mae’r plentyn yn mynychu’r clwb.


The Breakfast Club is available in the school from Monday to Friday.  All children are welcome, including Nursery children, to come and have a healthy breakfast before starting school.

From 4/3/19. Below are the new times for the club at Bro Alun. There will be a radio controlled digital clock by the door and this will be used to show when the free period begins.

Club opens: 8:00am
£1 payment period: 8:00am – 8:20am
Free breakfast period: 8:20am – 8:40am
Breakfast Service end time and club closes: 8:40am

Please note that if you are paying online, payments must be made by a Thursday afternoon for the following week.  Cash payments can be made on the day that the child attends the club.

Instructions for online ‘Breakfast Club’ payments
1. Go to or

2. If you do not want to register or log in, go to step 5.

3. The benefits of registering are that your personal information and card details are saved and the history of all payments you have made whilst logged in will be available to view. Via the Home button (mobile users press the three lines for menu), first time users can ‘Register’ an account and those already registered can ‘Log in’.

4. Registration is easy and you can then log in with your email address and a password of your choosing.

5. Select your child’s school from the ‘Shop’ drop down menu on PC or laptop. If using a mobile device, select ‘Filter’ to see the drop down menu, select the school and press ‘Search’

6. Once the school has been selected you will see a list of items that are available for you to pay for.

7. All items require you to enter the pupil reference number you have been issued for your child, the child’s name and the amount you wish to pay.

8. On desktop, fill in the details for the item you wish to pay for and click ‘Add to Basket’. On mobile, press ‘Add’, fill in the details and press ‘Add to Basket’

9. Once added to the basket you have the option to go back to the directory to add other items, remove any items you don’t want or if you have everything you want, Checkout.

10. You can pay for your Council Tax, Rent, Sundry Debts and many other things at the same time.

11. Once you have selected ‘Checkout’ you will be asked how you would like to pay. You can pay by Credit Card, Debit Card or PayPal. If you have registered, you can save card details to your account.

12. If you have chosen to pay with a card saved to your account you will be asked for the three digits from the back of your card.

13. If paying by PayPal you will be taken to the PayPal website.

14. Your payment will be authorised.

15. Once authorised you will be sent an email confirmation if registered, the option to request an email if not registered and the option to print a copy of your receipt.

16. If registered, you can keep track of all payments made whilst logged in. Just select the ‘Payment History’ tab.

17. Clicking on the receipt number will show you a copy of your receipt for the payment it relates to.