Cyfarfodydd Rhieni –  Meithrin / Parents’ Meetings – Nursery

Cyfarfodydd Rhieni –  Meithrin

Yn ystod yr wythnos 8 – 11 Ebrill

Bydd y cyfarfodydd rhieni yn cael eu cynnal yn ystod mis Ebrill. Mi fydd cyfle i chi ddewis diwrnod ac amser cyfleus i chi fynychu’r ysgol i drafod gwaith eich plentyn.

A fyddech cystal ag ymweld â swyddfa’r ysgol lle mae amserlen i nodi pryd fyddai orau gennych. Mi fydd angen dewis cyn dydd Gwener 22 ain o Fawrth.

Os nad yw’n bosib dod i’r swyddfa, mae croeso chi ffonio.

Diolch am eich cyd-weithrediad

Parents’ Meetings – Nursery

During the week 8 – 11 April

Parents’ meetings will be held during April. There will be an opportunity for you to choose a convenient day and time to visit the school to discuss your child’s progress.

We would be grateful if you could visit reception at the main entrance to note your preference. You will need to choose before Friday 22nd of March.

If it is not possible for you to call at reception, you are welcome to telephone.

Thank you for your co-operation.