Gweithwyr allweddol / Key Workers

Rydym wedi derbyn ambell i neges yn y ddwy ysgol rhwng prynhawn ‘ma a heno ynglyn a’r cyhoeddiad am gadw ysgolion ar agor i blant gweithwyr allweddol. Ar hyn o bryd, does efo ni ddim manylion yn fwy na beth mae Kirsty Williams, Gweinidog Dros Addysg Cymru wedi ei ddweud isod. Unwaith y cawn fwy o fanylion, byddwn yn ei rannu gyda chi:

We’ve had a few messages at both schools between this afternoon and tonight regarding keeping schools open for children of key workers. At the moment, we have no more details than what has been said below by Kirsty Williams, Education Minister for Wales. As soon as we have further details, we will share them with you:

“…… from next week, schools would have a “new purpose”.

“They will help support those most in need, including people involved in the immediate response to the coronavirus outbreak,” she added.

“I am working with my colleagues in the cabinet, with government officials and our partners in local government to develop and finalise these plans.”